going green with your pet It’s Earth Day once again!  Celebrating Earth Day is more than just planting a tree or participating in a rally.  It’s more than just doing something “green” on Earth Day.  Its all about committing to greening your lifestyle everything all the year round and that includes having a green pet or greening your pet.

If you don’t know where to begin with helping save Mother Earth, today is the perfect day to make a commitment to going green with and for your pet all year round.

Start with these simple ways to affirm your commitment:

Use eco-friendly cat litter

Most cat litters are made from clay like bentonite and embedded by synthetic materials for neutralizing odors.  Bentonite is taken from quarries, which is an extremely environmentally destructive activity.  Moreover, reports show  bentonite, as well as these synthetic materials, as poisonous to cats once ingested.  Switch to a green cat litter now, you’ll not only discourage quarrying but you also save your pet’s life from poisoning.

Green Dog’s Poop

Pet’s wastes can be a nuisance to the environment.  Dog poop may have harmful parasites and other bacteria that could get carried by water and contaminate it harming the whole community.  Before this horrible thing happens and harm your own family, start to green your dog’s poop now.  Clean it up in biodegradable poop bags and compost it.  If not, flush it in your own toilets.  Local sewage systems are capable of treating these harmful organisms.

Recycle old materials to make pet toys and accessories

There might be a lot of old items stock in your attic, the garage or storage rooms that can be converted into wonderful toys for your pets.  Reduce garbage by recycling these materials.  Just make sure these items are non-toxic and are safe for them.  General rule of thumb: Do not give your pets what you wouldn’t give to your kids.

Prepare your pet’s meals

Previously, governing authorities were not so strict about the manufacture of pet products until the many pet food recalls and the increasing awareness for environmental protection.  However, the majority of commercial pet foods are junk for your pets.  To avoid feeding Fluffy garbage food, prepare his meals.  Use organic, fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Make a green switch with your pet supplies

Thanks to the forty-year effort of the Earth Day Network, pet supply manufacturers are now switching to natural materials.  Try hitting the local pet store today and you’ll find lots of eco-friendly pet products to choose from pet collars, clothing and accessories to pet beddings and toiletries.

Going green and having a green pet is a way of celebrating Earth Day, actually, it’s celebrating Earth Day everyday!


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