Green Cat Litter Options

You’ve probably asked yourself how to select the best kitty littereco living with your pets means reducing their paw print, as well.  You can be green with the cat litter you choose as there are green cat litter options. What kind of litter do you use?  Do you know the environmental impact of your choices?  A natural cat litter may not necessarily mean a safe cat litter for your cat(s) or the environment. Let’s see what your options are for cat litters


Clay cat litter is very popular choice because it is easy to find and is one of the cheapest types of litter on the market.  Sure, it’s inexpensive and most of us have probably used it, but it is not an eco friendly product; thus, not good choice for the Earth, your cat or you!  Clay litter is strip-mined at the rate of 2.1 million TONS (that’s 42,000,000,000 pounds) and this causes severe environmental damage.  How about the dust?  It is awful stuff!  It can cause breathing difficulties or

other respiratory problems to your cat(s).  It is best to avoid this at all costs!


Clumping cat litter is also very popular because of its price and quick clean-up.  But clumping litter is mined just like clay litter so do your part to protect Mother Nature and say, ‘No!’  Clumping litter may also be linked to cat health problems because it is so small it may get ingested as cats groom themselves; they could lick if off their paws, etc.  It may wind up stuck in you cat’s intestines or elsewhere.  It also tends to be quite dusty which could lead to the potential respiratory problems like the clay litter.


This type of litter can be quite expensive and again your cat pays the price with the possible toxin, cobalt chloride, which may be used to dye the crystals blue.  It does work well for urine and cat litter smell, so if you love it and don’t mind spending extra, you can check with the manufacturer to see if any chemicals are used to make a decision once you’re armed with that information.


Pine and cedar litter or shavings may not be a good choice for your feline friend(s).  Cats can sometimes develop allergies or develop liver problems to these particular types of litter because of the phenols found in pine or cedar wood.  If you’re wondering what a phenol is…it is carbolic acid which is a toxin.  The phenol is coming from that lovely aroma, but it may not seem so lovely now that you know it can be toxic.


Unscented wins this battle!  Scented litters can use a variety of chemicals and chemicals may cause a whole source of problems for your cat or you.  Besides, cats don’t want to smell perfumes.  What they care about is a clean, accessible litter box!


That is definitely a question when it comes to flushable cat litter.  The protagonist is biodegradability and the antagonist in this scenario is ToxoplasmosisWhat is Toxoplasmosis? If you’ve been pregnant you may know that this is a parasite that some cats may carry and it can cause birth defects.  Cats usually get it from eating tainted raw meat, rodents, etc.  If your cat(s) has/have it, chances are you won’t be able to tell.  This is the problem…you don’t really want to use a flushable litter if you don’t know if your cats may have this parasite.  If your cat is an outdoor cat, I would most definitely avoid flushable litter for this reason.  If you cat is an indoor cat and you are considering flushable litter, have your vet test for toxoplasmosis first.

Safe cat litter


All you really need to know is…sand is a scare resource.  We should not destroy the ecosystems and micro-ecosystems of beaches, desserts, etc. to get litter. So, you ask, what’s the best kitty litter?



This is one case when dust can be a good thing…sawdust pellets are used as fuel for wood stoves and are inexpensive.  Things you need to remember are to go with unscented, additive-free pellets that are made from scrap lumber (YAY for recycling and reusing!).  You want to buy green; you do not want to purchase any that come straight from the forest (that would not be sustainable).  This is a good litter option as long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort on the research.  Once you find a reputable distributor, you should be good for the long-term.

Green cat litter


A win, win situation…non-toxic and renewable!  A happy cat, a happy you, a happy Earth!


Recycled newspaper litter is the best choice for a green cat.  Why?  Because it is recycling which is a sustainable act and it is also soft for Kitty’s feet.  If you purchase this litter, it will have gone through the recycling process and many manufacturers (if not all) will have removed the ink.  If you want to save money, you can make it yourself with old newspapers.

Go green

Make the Change!

Make the litter change gradually so your cat can get used to the new litter choice.  Most cats are not really into surprises and would prefer to have things routine.  Add a little new litter with the old litter and gradually increase the new litter while decreasing the old litter until you have made the complete switch.

Give a “MEOW” to Your Local Pet Store

If your local pet store does not carry some of the greener litter alternatives, let them know they should carry it and educate them on the benefits.  Encourage them to pass on the education to their customer through signage and sales. Now that you know about safe and green cat litter options, you and your cat(s) celebrate.  Cats can be green too!


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  1. Schmitty Said,

    You might think it’s funny that a 5 pd. pooch is commenting on Kitty litter – but truth is, us dogs like cats lick their paws and any bad toxins lying around can really make us sick. Who knew all the good and bad about Kitty litter. Thanks for the kitty info and for this awesome website! BTW – I myself use the recycled NY Times to pee on inside the house. Arf-Arf, Schmitty

  2. admin Said,

    Dear Schmitty,

    First, thank your for your kind words and for visiting my blog! No, I don’t think a commentary from a pooch on Kitty litter is funny or bizarre. Quite the opposite, doggies have a say, too, on matters of living green, including cat litter. You’re absolutely right regarding how cat litter can impact a doggie’s health. That’s one ecological principle that’s definitely tied to green living (as all other ecological principles); that is, everything is connected. So, whatever cat litter one chooses, it does affect everyone in the household, as you pointed out. Excellent remark! Thanks for your sweet arfs ;) They brought a big smile :)


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