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Do You Know Your Home Could Be Silently Killing Your Pet?

Thousands of pollutants enter your home every year.  The greatest threat your pet will face is no longer found outdoors.  The greatest threat your pet will face could be right at home!

Don’t allow your pet to be another statistic!

140,000 reported cases of toxicosis or poisoning in pets in 2009 (ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center)

You CAN change this!

  • Are you concerned about environmental toxic substances to which your pets might be exposed and affecting their health?

  • Did you know that pets are more susceptible to toxic home environments than humans?

  • Are you concerned about the impact your every day actions might have on your pets and the environment?

  • Do you want to provide a healthy and safe toxic-free home environment for your companion animals?

  • Do you want to feel satisfaction and peace of mind that your actions are benefiting your pets’ health and yours while helping the planet?

  • Do you want your precious companion animals to live as long and healthy as possible?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the ‘green’ choices available, yet don’t know where to start or what to ask?

  • Do you need help finding and choosing non-toxic, eco-friendly products but don’t have the knowledge, patience or time to look for them?

Whether this is your first green step or want advice in specific areas to green your pets and home, Marisa can assist you!

Every day we are exposed to various chemicals that are carcinogenic.  According to the U.S. Environment Protection Agency, the world we live, work and play in is now a “chemical soup”.  Unknowingly, you could be contributing to the toxicity of your home environment.  This could have serious and long-term health consequences for your precious pets and you!

Most homes have multiple sources of pollutants that contribute to the toxicity of indoor air. Many of these chemicals are unnoticeable and dangerous. Quite a number of these are silent killers – you won’t know something is wrong until it might be too late.

Our pets have shorter life spans and faster metabolisms than we do, and because they are constantly on the ground, they are more exposed and more vulnerable to these unseen dangers.  The cumulative effect of these indoor pollutants can pose serious health risks.  Typically, indoor air pollution in our homes is 10 to 50 times higher than it is outdoors (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

If you are concerned that your pets’ health (and your health, as well) could be jeopardized by your home environment, the good news is that

You can still do something about it NOW!

Order your Green Pet, Green Home Consultation and let Marisa assist you in having a green pet and creating a non-toxic healthy home for you and your precious companion animals TODAY!

Because, what you can’t see, can hurt your pets and you!

Have a Green Pet, Green Home Consultation


A) One-On-One Personalized Phone Consultation $129.00

B)  Do-it-Yourself Pet & Home Green Assessment $29.00

C)  Product Sourcing $49.00

Funds I generate with my consulting services go towards the creation of my animal sanctuary. Also, a 10% donation of every consulting service purchase will be given to an animal sanctuary, rescue or shelter.  I appreciate your support!

  1. Bambi Said,

    Dear Marisa,

    WOW, what a great website, I absolutely love what you are doing! What a brilliant service to offer to people because I know for myself, I want to do everything I can to keep my pet safe and healthy as well as support our environmental efforts by taking personal responsibility. I also LOVE your Weekly Tips, they are so incredibly helpful with tips I can utilize immediately. Thank you for your caring and compassionate spirit, you are making a beautiful difference in the world with your work! Blessings, Bambi Corso

  2. admin Said,

    Many thanks, Bambi, for such kind words! I do appreciate your interest and involvement in having a ‘green’ pet to keep Nanook safe and healthy. Yes, it’s a matter of being aware of our options and taking steps to make our homes toxic-free for our precious companion animals and ourselves, which ultimately affects the environment, as well. We can all make a difference and it starts the moment we make the decision to live greener and more holistically. Thank you for making a difference, Bambi :)

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