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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a fellow animal lover Chris Wagner, creator of Waggy’s Pet Tips and Tales and owner of the online pet store Waggy’s Pet Products.  Here’s our conversation. Enjoy!

“I’m so excited to be able to introduce you to Marisa Herrera.  Marisa is a Green Pets Eco-Living Consultant that is dedicated to reaching out to the global community and teaching us how to make our homes and pets in harmony with Mother Nature.  She is also passionate about a raising the funds to open up an animal sanctuary in Mexico.”

Chris: Marisa, thank you for stopping by Waggy’s Pet Tips and Tales.  Please tell us how you started out on this wonderful journey in helping animals and families become more eco friendly.  What is your working background?

Marisa: Thank you, Chris, for having me.  It’s great to connect and talk with you!  My journey started a long time ago with my love of animals and my desire to help them in any way possible.  Since young, I’ve also had a deep connection with Nature and concern about the environment.  I grew up in Mexico City and remember wanting to help and rescue all the stray dogs I would see.  I saw so much apathy, cruelty and injustice that it forever touched me.   I have been an animal and environmental advocate for decades and, finally, I’ve reached a point in my life where I had to pursue my passion and purpose of dedicating my life to help as many animals as I can while helping Nature, too.  So, this is how Green Pets Eco Living was created in late 2009.  I integrated my passions, interests, background and knowledge to help pet parents “green” their companion animals and create toxic-free home environments so their pets can Read the rest of this entry »

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“Host Kahi Lee takes the Koo family living room to a whole new level and gives it a complete Green makeover according to their needs and goals.

Green Done Right presented by Scott Naturals is a web series focusing on making sustainable-living, budget-conscious design choices.”

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Eco friendly living doesn’t stop during Holiday Season.  There are easy ways to be green during the Holidays.   Your choice for holiday greeting cards can save you money and be eco-friendly.  You can send a green greeting with Read the rest of this entry »

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This is a completely unique west coast home a half hour by water off Tofino, BC, floating in the wilderness. This float house is 100% sustainable and the people who live here, Catherine and Wayne Adams, live off the land year round. They have built practically every part of their house with their own artistic and creative touch. Both Catherine and Wayne are artists and they refer to their float home and gardens as an on going evolving art project. You can go on a tour of their place when in Tofino, contact Mike White 1-250-726-8605 or 1-250-725-3435
You can contact Catherine and Wayne at
[email protected]

Song: Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfeild

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Any links to websites for green living? ty!

The same way you start a long journey with one step. First and easiest begin replacing incandesent bulbs with compact flouresent ones. Begin to walk for more errands. Turn your thermostat up or down 1 degree.

One other thing Mr Romania is right don’t be an ass about it allow people to make up there own minds about the issue. But answer freely when someone asks. Good luck.

“Better Living with Laura Klein” show promo. The show is about green living, creating a healthy home and cooking with organic food. Laura Klein is a Green Living Expert and publishes .

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“Better Living with Laura Klein” Easy and Affordable Green Scrub For Your Home episode. The show is about green living, creating a healthy home and cooking with organic food. Laura Klein is a green living Expert “Green Diva” and publishes .
For more info goto

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What website would you recommend to a family getting more involved with green living? We already do basic things, like recycle, reuse, turn off lights when we don’t need them, keep the heat low, don’t run the water, etc..but it never occurred to me to wash clothes in cold water only. Where can I find more great ideas like that? Thanks!

I have several and they are geared for different levels, also some of them have many links to other sites which I find valuable but if I had to settle on one for starting out and it had to stand on it’s own with no links I like this one. It is pretty straight forward. If you want the one that is linked to almost everything and has all the info you’d ever want on recycling nothing but earth 911 the 2nd link. If you want a list here’s a list 3rd site. If you want videos the 4th site

Sorry I cheated couldn’t do just one. (It was hard enough limiting it to just these)

The Green Living Show

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Please join us April 24-26, 2009 at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, for Toronto’s largest show dedicated to all things green.

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Trees Help the Environment

Yes, trees are green; trees are life!  Without trees and plants, we and all of the Earth’s beautiful creatures would not exist.  On our path to living eco friendly, we cannot go green without trees. Trees help our environment in numerous ways. Take a moment and remember why protecting trees is vital!

Benefits of Trees


Take a deep breath and be appreciative; we could not survive without trees.  One mature tree can provide enough oxygen for 10 people over a year.   Not only do they give us air, but they give us clean air by a process called respiration.   Respiration is when trees grab airborne particles and Read the rest of this entry »

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