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I find green inspiration in Nature and her amazing and beautiful creatures.  Poems of Nature or poems for Nature is another way that allows us to connect with Mother Earth and feel her joys and pains.  I wrote Love Nature to express how I feel about Mother Earth and to convey words of motivation and inspiration to protect and revere what sustains ALL life on Earth.  May we find the wisdom to Love Nature.

poems for nature

Love Nature

Planet Earth gives life

The universe far and vast

Stars illuminate Nature’s path

The seed you plant

Grows good or bad

You determine which one

Rain, rivers and seas

The sun and the moon

Forest, deserts and trees

Numinous call of the loon

The wonders of Earth almost dreams

The glory of Nature gone too soon

To the wind, to the bird

With wings, you fly be free

To the oceans, to the fish

Shielded you swim, currents of the deep

To the land, to the wolf

Forever hounded, I pray you live

Water, land, air

And the elements of Earth

Descending storm carries sun

Night follows day, all breathe

We are the seed, be gentle offer peace

A whole circle, Love Nature, let it be.

- Marisa Herrera Dupuis

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I use poetry and writing to convey messages and feelings about what is important to me.  I write poems on animals to bring awareness on issues and inspire action to make this a better and more caring world.  Nature and animals are my passion, and by writing poems for animals, I want to promote eco friendly living by extending a connection and respect to Mother Earth and her creatures.  Please adopt a rescued animal.

La Vida en Las Calles

Caminando incansablemente mi cuerpo adolorido

Ningún lugar que llame hogar

Días con un estomago vacío

Llantos silenciosos de hambre

Estoy hambriento, débil y sediento

Como de la basura, lo podrido, casi cualquier cosa va

Me dan miedo las noches y la mayoría de los días, también

Llenos de oscuridad, abatimiento y amenaza

Miro alrededor — ¿Donde hay esperanza?

¿Por qué la gente es mala conmigo?

Intentan darme patadas y lanzar piedras, también

Mucho dolor, me lastiman, grito

Corro para escapar la malicia del hombre

Estoy agotado esperando encontrar amabilidad

Busco seguridad lejos del daño del hombre

La mayoría me ven como parásito, algunos tienen compasión de mi

Si tengo suerte avientan bocados hacia mi

Mi madre nos amó

Un día ya no regreso

Extraño su amor y cuidado

Estamos perdidos, mis hermanos y yo

¿Porqué la vida es tan miserable?

Nadie me cuida

Vivo en las calles, un mundo de desesperación

Miles otros sufriendo como yo

Somos abandonados ó nacemos en las calles

¿Porqué es la gente despiadada de los necesitados?

Soy un perro con tanto que dar

Una criatura en este mundo que  tan solo quiere vivir

Donde no me preocupo por mi siguiente comida y donde dormir

Concibo un lugar llamado hogar de calor y seguridad

Con un guardián que me ame y cuide

La vida en las calles bate el espíritu y cuerpo de cualquiera

¿Tal vida quién desea vivir?

- Marisa Herrera Dupuis

poem about animals
Luna was rescued from a life on the streets

Life on the Streets

Walking tirelessly my body hurts
No place to call home
Days with an empty stomach
Silent cries of hunger
I’m starving, thirsty and weak 
I eat from garbage, the rotten, almost anything will do
I fear the nights and most days, too
Filled with darkness, menace and gloom
I look around — where is hope?
Why are people mean to me?
They try to kick me and throw rocks, too
Much pain, I get hurt, I scream
I run to escape man’s blaze
I’m exhausted hoping to find kindness
seek safety away from man’s hurt
Most see me as pest, a few pitty me
If I’m lucky I’ll get morsels tossed at me

My mother loved us
One day she never came back
I miss her love and care
We are lost, my brothers and me
Why is life so miserable?
No one cares for me
I live on the streets, a world of despair
Thousand others suffering like me
We are abandoned or born on the streets
Why are people ruthless to those in need?
I’m a dog with lots to give
A creature in this world who just wants to live
Where I don’t worry for my next meal and where to sleep
I conceive a place to call home of safety and warmth
With a guardian who loves me and cares for me
Life on the streets beats the spirit and body of anyone
Such life who wants to live?

- Marisa Herrera Dupuis

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” – Charles Darwin

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Music Inspired by Nature is a powerful and uplifting way to connect with Nature and Her amazing creatures.  This eco friendly inspiration is an easy way to start living green.  The multi-talented Marcomé brilliantly and magically presents music and Nature with her amazing music.


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