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Meet my Furkids!

My precious Riley

My precious Riley

Marisa is a native of Mexico, currently living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with her three adorable cats:  Maya, Roco and Riley, also known as her  “furkids”!  She is empowered by her love of animals and nature and by her understanding of the current environmental issues to live sustainably, to incorporate eco-friendly daily practices for her furkids, herself and Mother Earth, and to assist pet parents/guardians in making their homes and pets more eco-friendly, so our precious companion animals can live as long and healthy as possible.

Some of you might know why she started her business as a Green Pets Eco-Living Consultant.  For those who don’t, she is passionate about animals and Nature and wants to help as many animals as she can.   This business will allow her to reach out and help a global community of animal lovers, their companion animals and generate the funds she needs to open her animal sanctuary.

Goegeous & mischievious Roco

Goegeous & mischievious Roco

Yes, an animal sanctuary in Mexico!  Her animal sanctuary will provide refuge for those most in need, facilitate humane education, be a nature retreat where people can connect to the wonders of Nature and her creatures and assist the local community.  Marisa needs your help to make this happen and appreciates your support in this great cause!

Marisa has always loved animals and wanted to help them as best she could.  She has been an animal and environmental advocate for decades supporting and volunteering for multiple causes, projects and charities.

Marisa has a background in tourism management, wildlife management, restoration of natural systems, ecological landscape design and sustainable gardening.

Riley and Me!

Riley and Me!

Over the years, Marisa has developed her environmental conscience and has learned about ecology, sustainability, holistic living and holistic pet care.  Marisa continues to be on the path of learning, as she is  an eternal student in this journey called life.  She is currently studying to become an animal communicator so she can help even more animals!

In her journey, Marisa has made personal and professional changes to align herself to her authentic person, her authentic being.  Hence, her business as a Green Pets Eco-Living Consultant.  Her business and her life are an expression of her soul’s purpose; that is, to help as many animals as she can.

My adorable Maya

My adorable Maya

Marisa wants to be part of the solution, to make a positive difference in this world and to inspire and guide others to live more sustainably and holistically with their precious companion animals for healthier pets, and ultimately healthier lifestyles and a healthier planet.

For the animals and Nature, live green with your pets!


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  1. icare Said,

    I love your cats! They are precious! I have 2 (1 blk/1 wht) and they are rescued strays. They are like my kids! I am a vegetarian and advocate for animal & environmental protection and have a website to help inspire others to help with various concerns. Feel free to stop by sometime. Thank you for your website ~ it is a great resource and well done!

  2. admin Said,

    I fully agree with you; my cats are precious! Thank you! Actually, all animals are precious! Like you, my cats are my kids; I call them my ‘furkids’ :) I can see we have much in common. I appreciate those who work on behalf of the most defenseless and advocates for the environment, too. These are areas of deep concern of mine – my passions and purpose in life. I will definitely check your website and thank you for bringing it to my attention. Thank you for your support and kind words :) Purrs!

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