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Are you concerned about the safety of your flea and tick treatment? If you are, then probably you are looking for natural flea treatment and/or tick prevention options that do not harm your pet(s). Basically, the conventional flea and tick products on the market are pesticides.

There is nothing green or healthy about pesticides; they are poison!  That is what most conventional flea/tick manufacturers sell us as pet owners…poison!  Think basic…what have we Read the rest of this entry »

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Is vegetarian cat food an option for obligate (true) carnivores, as are our domesticated cats?  Does vegetarian cat food meet the dietary needs of your cat?  There are arguments for and against feeding a cat a meat-less diet.  Also, there’s difference of opinion from vegan and vegetarian groups.

Your cat has unique needs

Cats have unique needs as obligate carnivores.  They require amino acids, taurine, vitamin A, fatty acids, vitamin b12, niacin, thiamin, and arachidonic acid found in meat sources, which are deficient in plant sources.  Vegetarian/vegan pet food companies supplement their products with synthetically produced nutrients to account for these deficiencies.

Many argue that a cat cannot be a vegetarian cat; that cats cannot survive on a vegetarian diet because of their distinctive metabolism.  Their digestive systems cannot break down the cell walls in vegetable foods to extract the nutrients.  Cats cannot convert beta-carotene to active vitamin A, tryptophan to niacin or linoleic acid to essential fatty acids.  Taurine is also extremely important because if your cat is lacking in taurine it could cause immune system problems, blindness or neurological impairment.  Incidentally, synthetic taurine is also used in commercial meat-based cat foods because the Read the rest of this entry »

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Dogs Can Be Vegetarians and Vegans Too!

Yes, you heard right… a vegetarian dog and/or a vegan dog!  I guess that makes them veggie dogs.

Your dog(s) can lead a sustainable life and make one of the biggest impacts with his/her diet!  Just like humans, they can reduce their carbon paw print by going vegetarian or even vegan.

If you’re like most people, your first thought is, “How can that be healthy for my dog…to not eat meat.”

A vegetarian or vegan doggie diet is healthy, safe and in many cases may increase your dog’s overall health and lifespan.

Let me take the time to tell you why…

Where does the meat your animal is eating come from?  How is it raised?

Think about the massive 2007 pet food recall.  That should be enough to convince you that Read the rest of this entry »

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Caring for pets also involves giving some massages!  So, your cat wants a massage? Look no further!  Maryjean Ballner, author of  “Your Cat Wants a Massage” will show you how in this cat massage video.


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