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More than ever, we have paperless solutions that are affordable and convenient.  We are so used to taking paper for granted, but paper comes from somewhere and that somewhere is trees.  We have a learned addiction to paper and now we need to learn how to go paperless!  A motivating fact…If we cut our paper use in half we could free up the space equivalent to over 1,000 landfills! The two most important words to remember when it comes to paper are…recycled and paperless!


Whether you use it at work or at home, buy environmentally friendly paper; that is, recycled paper.  We could save a forest larger than the state of Florida every year if American businesses alone buy recycled paper.  Imagine the impact we could have worldwide!  Many papers do have some recycled content and that is helpful, but look for the paper that is 100% recycled.  It exists and it is not hard to find, check your local office supply store. (Another hint…post consumer paper takes less energy to make than pre-consumer).  Look for 100% recycled papers when purchasing any office paper products such as office folders, office tablets, copier paper, letterhead, sticky notes, envelopes, etc.

post consumer paper


We also use toilet paper, napkins and Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s eco-comedy with Chris and Gerry.

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When you realize that a flea and tick treatment is essentially a pesticide or insecticide, it may make you think twice before using it on your precious companion animal(s).  Not only is the use of pesticides/insecticides not an eco friendly living choice, but actually using them in your home environment may be hazardous to you, your family and your pet’s health.  You know that awful odour that comes from a flea and tick collar?  The collar is literally soaked in chemical pesticides.  YUCK!  You do not want that around your pet’s neck or to be breathing that in.

Flea killing

Below is a list of chemicals that may be found in popular flea and tick products.  Treatments can be collars, topicals, pills, shampoos, flea sprays, etc.  Choose wisely… Make sure you know the possible dangers before purchasing a product.  Toxins can build up over time and run down your pet’s immune system and in extreme cases cause fatalities. The list below

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Here are easy eco friendly gardening tips to prepare your garden for winter.   Easy tips for going green can start in your garden.  Following organic and sustainable gardening practices will be beneficial for your garden, the critters, your health, the planet and your pocket book!

One of the benefits of sustainable, organic gardening is the connection to the land, to the living and growing organisms, and to a more natural existence.  It is working WITH Nature, not against it and viewing the garden as a small component of the natural system, an ecological community.

Forget about the typical fall clean up.  Environmentally friendly gardening means Read the rest of this entry »

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Fido wants to go green too and leave as little of an impact on Earth as you do.  You can have a big influence on you dog’s carbon paw print by practicing proper pet waste disposal.  Here are some options on how to clean dog poop and dispose of it in an eco-friendly way.

Say ‘NO!’ to the “No” Disposal Method

There are people out there that think it is okay to just leave their dog’s waste in the yard.  Perhaps they are thinking…’it’s a natural fertilizer, it’s not hurting anything.  This is an incorrect assumption.  There can be worms in dog poop, parasites such as roundworms, hookworms or tapeworms.

Dog poop composter

By doing nothing, the waste can absorb into the ground water or affect the surface water and carry pollutants into our lakes or streams. Those parasites, when absorbed into the ground water, can live in the ground for years.  Pathogens from the waste can also be picked up by humans.  It would also not be very neighbourly or considerate to leave your dog poop in somebody else’s lawn if you are taking your dog for a walk.  In fact, may cities can fine you if you do so.

The Bag and Toss Method

A lot of people reuse the plastic bags they have collected and simply pick up the waste in a bag and toss it in their garbage.  While it may be better than not picking it up, most traditional plastic bags will Read the rest of this entry »

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Disposing of cat litter does have its environmental questions and concerns, but there are steps that you can take to make the best eco friendly choice.

Choose a green cat litter litter How a litter breaks down and where it comes from has a direct effect on the disposal of it.

Green cat litter

Flush It

Flushable cat litter? There are many opinions about this.  The largest concern comes from Toxoplasmosis, a parasite that infects cats that can be dangerous to water life when it gets into the water stream.  Outdoor cats, particularly, can get infected with this parasite from infected rodents, birds or other small animals.  There have been some cases of sea otters dying from toxoplasmosis.  It has not been linked back to cats at this point, but flushing away your cat’s poop may not be worth if it is harming wildlife.  Check with your vet if you would like to get your cat tested.

Don’t flush clumped litter if you have a septic tank; it will Read the rest of this entry »

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When you build a water garden or pond you create a soothing and peaceful space; an oasis water garden for you and the critters.  Did you know it can also be wonderful for the environment?

Why is creating a water garden an eco-conscious choice?

  • The moving water discharges negative ions into the atmosphere which helps rid the air of impurities.
  • It will not use soil or need constant watering.  Sure you will need to fill it occasionally, but other gardens need water everyday.  Rainwater also will help contribute to keeping your water garden filled.
  • It has a way to hydrate plants and animals that is self sustaining.
  • Wildlife will enjoy your garden as much as you do.  Do not be surprised if you see butterflies, interesting insects, birds, frogs and Read the rest of this entry »

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Music Inspired by Nature is a powerful and uplifting way to connect with Nature and Her amazing creatures.  This eco friendly inspiration is an easy way to start living green.  The multi-talented Marcomé brilliantly and magically presents music and Nature with her amazing music.


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Green Cat Litter Options

You’ve probably asked yourself how to select the best kitty littereco living with your pets means reducing their paw print, as well.  You can be green with the cat litter you choose as there are green cat litter options. What kind of litter do you use?  Do you know the environmental impact of your choices?  A natural cat litter may not necessarily mean a safe cat litter for your cat(s) or the environment. Let’s see what your options are for cat litters


Clay cat litter is very popular choice because it is easy to find and is one of the cheapest types of litter on the market.  Sure, it’s inexpensive and most of us have probably used it, but it is not an eco friendly product; thus, not good choice for the Earth, your cat or you!  Clay litter is strip-mined at the rate of 2.1 million TONS (that’s 42,000,000,000 pounds) and this causes severe environmental damage.  How about the dust?  It is awful stuff!  It can cause breathing difficulties or

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